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Yearly Check-in: Nashville Lawn and Order 2022

What's up party people?

Team NLO here.

Our 2022 has been going like flash. Can you relate?

We started the year out completely booked up in the Nashville, Brentwood, and Antioch areas. So much so, we had two separate crews in order to manage the workload Decks, patios, and landscaping projects were (and still are!) the bulk of our work.

In the late Spring, we lost a few good members to new opportunities. And hey - we completely support their new endeavors but, this means we had to make a few internal adjustments in order to keep the business running smoothly and backyards staying beautiful.

This meant a slight pivot for us. We took the opportunity to focus more on our building services and team. We also worked on fine tuning the "behind the scenes" and admin processes of our business.

Systems started running more smoothly and our portfolios continued to increase. We got in touch with a handful of good mentors and continued ongoing training for our founders and team members.

Even writing this all out - the progress is astonishing.

It is always amazing to see the progress you made looking back in hindsight. And 2022 provided its own set of challenges but with massive reward.

We even started our official TikTok (please be our friends, 😂))

As we ended Summer 2022, we took the leap to legally incorporate (thanks to our fearless leader for heading this on!) and added new members to our team again.

Now as I am writing this in early Fall, we are ready to take on more projects with our larger team and able to handle your deck, patio, stone, tree removal, fall cleanup, landscaping or other home makeover projects.,

We believe growth is a continuous process and are always looking for ways to improve. Thank you for your continued support and always providing the utmost honest feedback.

We are excited to see what the next year holds!

🍻 Take a look back at some of the projects we have gotten to be a part of in Nashville, Antioch, and surrounding Middle Tennessee.

Be sure to text us or go online (linked here) to schedule your free consultation

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