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This Classic Comeback Has Arrived: Backyard Treehouses

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

A Treehouse... in Nashville?

Yes! Ok, we all know that Nashville is growing at an exponential rate. And with this has come obstacles such as small yards, sloped yard, odd-shaped yards, and more. So, it no surprise that homeowners are needing to get creative with their space to provide ample room for entertainments, play, and lifestyle.

At Nashville Lawn and Order, we are no strangers to the array that is "new Nashville" and aim to create spaces that accommodate your space while still giving you that HGTV feel.

There are so many ways to get creative when it comes to your #backyard goals. Check out a few of our favorite projects for examples on how we "get creative" with decks and patios.

Truth be told, when it comes to treehouses, we can build within, around, or freestanding of an existing tree. Heck, there doesn't even have to be a tree.

Despite any size or shape limitations you may think you have with your Nashville home, we are here to tell you, that this classic comeback is not such a far away dream thanks to the team at Nashville Lawn and Order.

What Are The Benefits of a Treehouse?

Because your kids will love you forever!

Ok, we kid! You don't need a play area for your kids to love you (unless you're my kids - my kids are con-artists).... so here are a few more ways building a treehouse can be beneficial for both you and your littles. To start the consultation process, simply drop us a line here.

1. Connect With Nature -

A wise man once said, "if you live in a tree-house, you wait for the bird to land on the branch, you wait for the squirrel to run here and there, the wind to blow .... and there is nothing more beautiful than that." We all want to give our children beautiful experiences and help them see the world around them. Time spent exploring the backyard, including learning about the materials and the animals they will see along the way, is time well spent! So reason #1 for a treehouse, is simply the nature.

2. Increase Outdoor Activity

This is a big one. There are plenty of studies that show nature improves our physical and mental health. And then there are the FDA studies showing children need at minimum 1 hour of physical or outdoor play each day. Which is totally possible.... when the Ipad is unplugged or mysteriously disappears. A treehouse, or outdoor play-set, is an amazing way to encourage your children to unplug and find imagination in their very own backyard. It is way easier to extend those outdoor hours with a treehouse... all while getting in the physical activity they need.

3. Provides a Safe Space

A treehouse provides a second space to the age old statement, "go to your room". We are big fans of providing our children both personal (private) and safe spaces to be a kid. We love building treehouses with nooks, benches, or other additions that give your little one ownership to their space. Here they can decorate, chill, do their homework, play with friends, or just get in some alone time all from a safe and supervised space in the backyard.

4. Their Friends Will Think Its Cool

Hey, this is probably their favorite reason! No doubt your house will become the "neighborhood hangout" once you have a treehouse or play-set in sight. And we think you are pretty cool for that!

How Do You Build Your Treehouses?

At Nashville Lawn and Order, we want to give your family a treetop experience that is safe but that also does not compromise what nature you do have in your backyard.

For this reason, we try to be as eco-friendly as possible. We don't go into the tree, but instead build on, around, or outside of the tree. For example, we can make the path go in and around the tree (see: our work). We believe this is how a true treehouse should be built.

Additionally, all of our treehouses/ playhouses stand on their own verses being supported by the tree itself.

We accomplish this by using 2x8 and 10x10 for the structures. Our treehouses are built sturdy, similar to our decks and staircases. Wood is meant to carry load; so we're not cutting the wood down to lighten its weight for shipping. Instead, we are building on site with local materials and able to use heavy-duty materials for this reason.

Using sturdy deck wood to build this treehouse in Nashville

We then use rubber mulch as the base underneath the swings and slides. This geo-textile fabric allows water to drain through while still keeping weeds and grass from growing through. While there are other options, our recycled rubber mulch is the #1 requested playground base. We can also use recycled wood chips - these we also get locally in Middle Tennessee.

Treehouse with zipline built around a tree

How Much Does a Treehouses Cost?

At NLO, we have built a handful of treehouses over the last few years. And to be completely transparent, we can't ever guarantee specific pricing due to the customization available and the ocassional fluctuation of material costs.

BUT on average, treehouses in Middle Tennessee will cost between $4500-$6500. Obviously if you add larger builds, custom features, or additional playground components, you are looking on the higher end. But here are the stats:

A well-built treehouse will last 5 years without paint or stain

The same treehouse will last about 10 years with paint or stain.

There are also ways to improve the life of your treehouse by choosing specific materials and layouts. When we say "last", we mean it will hold up aesthetically and foundationally against use and weather patterns. We aim to build a treehouse that will grow with your children and keep the fun going far past the early years.

Is There Anything Else We Should Know?

Yes! We want to reiterate the fact that you can upgrade your treehouse, or play-set, as your child grows. A lot of parents we speak with want to give their young children the imagination land of their dreams, but are concerned of its use past the pre-school age. So it is important to note, we take the approach to build your custom treehouse in a way that grows with them into school age and beyond.

We do this by including bases with interchangeable features. Examples of features you can easily "add on" or change out later would be: larger swing attachments, a zip-line, or even a rock-wall,

With. a good base, alterations are endless. One of our customers even added a walkway and additional landing pad to their play-set, creating an entire new section with more room for play.

How Do We Get A Treehouse in Nashville?

Our design and build process is quite simple. We will set up a free consultation with you to discuss your ideas and view the space. We will then design options, price out materials, and send you an estimate for approval (or collaborative adjustments). Once approved, we immediately order the materials and schedule your project from there.

Treehouses take us anywhere from 5-10 days to build and are fully tested and built to spec before your little is "given the keys". When we are done, we provide a full walk-through to make sure every detail is one that you absolutely love.

We hope your Nashville treehouse, or play-set, provides years of fun for your littles and ample street cred to the parents who made it happen!

Thank you for choosing NLO! Feel free to reach out to us via our consultation page.

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