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Deck Features We're Drooling Over This Spring 2023 🌻

(And would love to do for your next project!)

Feature #1 : Gazebo/Pergolas

A gazebo or pergola can provide several benefits to a home. Firstly, they are beautiful architectural elements that truly enhance your outdoor living area. They are also the perfect compliment to provide shade on hot summer day and give you the added privacy to your outdoor living area, We can customize pergolas to any style, color, or location. They are truly one of our favorite features this Spring.

Spring build of new deck and pergola

Feature #2: Unique Railing Patterns

Who needs boring old railings when you can showcase your personality and taste with custom railings like these? Your deck and back yard truly are extensions of your space and can be designed as so: from artistic, to bohemian, to geometric, or modern (like the horizontal railing pictured below)- the possibilities are endless! *Note be sure materials are sustainable and treated for your location and lifestyle. Style doesn't mean to sacrifice quality. We would be happy to show you some examples during the consultation process to get started.

Unique railing patterns

Feature #3 : Attached Slides

Yes, yes that is exactly what it says. This is a feature fit for The Gaines family. In Nashville, we can build decks with attached slides, benches, and other playhouse or lifestyle type features. We think there is nothing more awesome than a deck built for both the adults AND the kids this 2023.

Deck with attached slide

Feature #5: Stain & Seal

What do we mean by this? Staining your deck and then sealing it will let the natural wood look show through. There are a few other ways to cure your deck wood, but this one is a top favorite due to the low-maintanance appeal. The process of "stain and seal" allows the wood grain to show through while keeping it protected from weather elements.

Stain and seal wood appeal

Feature #5: Multi-tiered Decks

This is especially popular in Nashville as we are seeing less yard space and more of a need to make levels in the backyard. Decks that use multiple levels and transition into a hardscape or landing area (stone walkway or patio) are one of the most popular features this year.

Multiple level deck in Nashville Tennessee

In Conclusion

There is no reason you should not be enjoying your deck and patio the way you always dreamed of. You deserve your HGTV back yard, deck, or patio makeover ... at local Nashville quality and pricing.

Let us know what features you'd like to see in your next deck. I know a few guys that would love to make it happen! Hint- its us :-)

We do offer free consultations and will actually sit down and design your space with you, research the cost of materials, and give you a full written estimate to make getting the deck of your dreams that much easier!

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