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Deck Materials and Designs to Fit Any Home and Lifestyle

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Nashville Lawn and Order

Written by: Karl Kennedy

Whether you are remodeling to starting from the ground up, building your new deck can be a big decision. Not only are you adding an outdoor living space to suit your growing family's lifestyle but you are also increasing your home’s value in doing so.

Fun fact: most homeowners recover around 75% of the costs associated with deck construction in the sell of their property.

At Nashville Lawn and Order, we assist you in the entire deck building process from design to build to aftercare. However there are a few components we want you to consider before beginning any project like size and decking materials to be used.

We always ask- how will your deck and yard space be used? Considering both your daily lifestyle and long term goals are important factors when deciding how to build your new deck and with what materials.

Large composite deck design by Nashville decking company, NLO

Deck Materials

First and foremost, it is important to note that wood planks aren’t your only option. Modern decks are built using everything from mahogany and pressure-treated pine to PVC and aluminum materials. You can even build a deck made from rubber materials.

Each material has its best uses and care requirements- so this is why you want to think about how you are going to use the deck.

1) Wood

Wood decks are the most common decking material and will provide around twenty years of use with proper care. These types of planks are easy to stain, and some come in beautiful, natural hues like Ipe hardwood decking.

If you love the look of a wood deck but want something sustainable, bamboo planking could be an additional option.

2) Composite

Composite decking is seeing its comeback as it is an affordable and extremely durable material. Some composite decks can last around 25 years or more. This is a good choice for anyone that isn’t looking for annual maintenance that comes with the wood deck.

Some popular types of composite decking include materials made from wood, PVC, or 100% recycled plastic.

When considering composite, you want to pay attention to the deck’s proposed location. Prolonged sun exposure will cause composite decking to fade over time. It’s a good idea to avoid south and west-facing locations.

3) Fiberglass

Fiberglass decking is lightweight and extremely weather resistant. It’s a great choice for decks in coastal areas with a lot of sun, wind, sand, and sea spray. The material doesn’t rust and lasts for years, but it often comes at a higher price point. We do not see a lot of fiberglass decks in the residential Nashville area, however we have seen it being used in the commercial space more and more.

4) Rubber

Often comprised of recycled rubber, rubber is a relatively inexpensive decking material. Its price is comparable to composite decks while maintaining surprising durability. Rubber decking is also resistant to rot, but it is important to note in our mid-South climates that this material can degrade in prolonged sunlight.

Comfy deck design and backyard living space

Deck Designs

Unlike most companies in the Nashville area, we pride ourselves in custom design work. As opposed to the cookie cutter, pre-measured deck designs we so often see in the city. We know that all homes and lifestyles are not the same which is why w approach every deck or patio with a unique lense.

We have built the team in-house to handle custom designs, mark ups, and builds to ensure your outdoor living is exactly the way you desire.

Some options to consider: do you want a free-standing deck or one attached to the house? Do you want a walkway connecting the deck to other areas of the yard or home? How large should each level be and what other additions may you add on either now or in the future?


Attached decks are the most popular with Nashville homeowners. This type of deck is functional and versatile and be made from any material. The size and shape of these decks are most often rectangles, squares, L's, or U's. It is important to reinforce the foundation on all attached decks and consider the entry points where the stairs and deck landings will be placed. The advantage of this design, is that the deck borrows stability from the house or the garage, ultimately requiring less labor and materials.

Lower level deck space turned into a playroom in Nashville, TN


Detached or floating decks are sometimes used in Middle Tennessee as an ideal add-on for homes with larger acreage. With detached decks, you have plenty of options on the deck’s placement and size. They can be placed next to the pool, garden, or any other place that a free standing space may fit. Instead of connecting to the house through a ledger board, this type of deck will require at least one back beam for support. If you are looking to build or remodel your existing deck, Nashville Lawn and Order can help.


Multi-tier decks are a good option for those of us who have homes built on hills. This will provide a deck that is attached and level with the house. Typically, the deck’s top level is accessible from the home with larger steps leading down or split levels leading down.

These deck designs can have an upper level and a flat area underneath used for an extra entertainment space or toy area. Others have multiple tiers designed for different purposes. We especially love these types of decks for the versatility they provide.

Additional Features

Some additional feature that bring your deck from good to WOW include: fire-pits, pergolas, roofing, built-in benches, and/or bars. We have a portfolio of features on our Instagram page or found on our website.

entertainment deck space with stone bar, wood pergola, and iron furniture.


A deck does more than increase your home’s value, it’s a place where your family can relax for years to come. It is meant to be as unique as you are and provide the perfect ambiance for your lifestyle and needs.

Choose your materials and design to match your lifestyle and the exterior of the home. Think about how you are going to use it and then get ready to start enjoying your new deck. Of course, our team is here to help you through the process.

For a free estimate, contact NLO at 615-750-2865

Or fill out our online REQUST FORM.

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