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New Year, New Lawn!

When the New Year comes around, it’s easy to start making grand resolutions about our health, wealth, or productivity lists. While these are all awesome things to get our new year started, what about your lawn and patio goals? Our recommendation is to stop making promises to yourself and start making them to your lawn.

As your trusted Nashville lawn pros, we've got the lawn care tips to make sure you can enjoy your outdoor living space all year round!

Resolution #1: Make a Plan!

Having a plan for taking care of your lawn is the first step to having a beautiful lawn in 2021. What a lot of our clients are doing, is creating a lawn care calendar to keep track of mowing, watering and raking. This also helps plan when new greenery can be planted, when to do prep-work, and other major adjustments. Now is the perfect time to discuss the plan for your yard and patio to make sure all your needs are met.

Resolution #2: Keep an Eye on Things!

We always tell our neighbors to do regular inspections throughout the year just to keep an eye on things! You want to look out for problem areas like: pests, weeds or dying plants. These can come on unexpectedly and could cause further damage to your lawn or patio. So definitely eep an eye, and keep your lawn care pro aware! If you are able to treat these issues early, you will have a better chance of a lawn thriving lawn in 2021.

Resolution #3: Water is Your Friend!

We all know how important watering your lawn is, but we also want to be conscious of when and how much we are watering throughout the year. Here’s one of our favorite tricks: take an empty tuna can and place it on your lawn. Set a timer and keep an eye on the can as your sprinklers run. Once the can is full of water, turn it off. Notice how long it took to fill? That’s the amount of time you should be watering your lawn, or leaving the sprinklers on, about 2-3 times per week. If we see heavy rainfall, adjust your schedule/skips days when mother nature does the watering for you.

Resolution #4: Help Your Lawn Out!

Lawns are living things too, so be sure you’re providing enough nutrients to help it grow. That may feel overwhelming, but luckily you’ve got a friend in the biz. Nashville Lawn can help you with fertilization, aeration and seeding to provide adequate care all year long.

Resolution #5: Live Life Outside!

Lastly, this is the most important resolution we encourage you to make in 2021 is: spend more time outside. Using your outdoor space to its fullest extent could look like a game of tag, flying a kite, or a toasty winter bonfire. Not only is it healthy and beneficial for all to spend more time outdoors, but you'll get a feel on how to care for and transition your outdoor space to meet your lifestyle's needs.

We are excited to see your lawn and patio goals come to life this year. At Nashville Lawn and Order, we’re here to help you live your best life outdoors on your own turf! Interested in learning more about our services? We’ve got you. Please give us a call at 615.750.2865 or visit our services page.


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