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Nashville Deck Renovation: Ideas on A Budget💰

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Nashville Deck Renovation: Ideas on A Budget 💰💰

Undeniable, a well built deck or patio can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home. A good deck or patio will tell a story, provide ample space for your family, and our personal favorite, raise the resale value of your home.

But how can you achieve the perfect deck aesthetic without completely breaking the bank? At Nashville Lawn and Order, we specialize in this type of collaboration- Budget-friendly deck renovations for Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding cities. Here we lay out 7 ways to revitalize and refresh your deck before you even call the pros:

1. Refresh What You Already Have

Instead of taking down/apart the whole deck and starting from scratch, consider making use of available resources.

But what does that mean? If there is no noticeable rot or repair needed, you may consider simply retouching or refreshing your deck surfaces. Here are some ideas:

● If your deck or patio has concrete or wooden flooring, opt for a pressure wash to remove layers of dirt and dust.

● Think about polishing the wood components to extend life and repel rain.

● If you have rock and gravel beds around your patio, opt for refilling and redistributing material to freshen up your space.

2. Make Small Repairs

If you notice things like: nails popping out, rusted nails, dead or rotten wood, and broken or leaning pieces, it may be time for what we call a simple "deck repair". Note that checking for these small repairs at regular intervals will help sustain your deck.

For example, quite often we see deck boards (the flooring of your deck) wear out faster than the actual structural joists. This is simply due to weather and traffic patterns.

Replacing a couple deck boards to ensure all are in good condition (and safe) is a much more budget friendly way to make over you deck than replacing all the structural components. In the picture example (above), water damage required just a small area of flooring and siding to be repaired. Repair what is needed - skip what is not.

*It is important to fix any prevailing cracks or damages in structural components before they become worse. If you are unsure of what repairs your deck may or may not need, please contact us for a free consultation .

3. Remove & Recycle What’s Not Needed!

This is one of my wife's most favorite ways to refresh our backyard space. Maybe because it means new furniture is on its way.... but nonetheless recycling or upcycling unused material here is key! From worn out furniture to old tree stumps or tree limbs in the yard, remove what is not adding to your space.

If you are not the wood worker of the family, stick the materials on NextDoor or Facebook Marketplace for someone else to make their repurpose dreams come true.

What cannot be repurposed, donated, or given to your local recycling, could possibly be used as firewood (which is my personal favorite) or sent through the wood chipper to use as recycled mulch. Clearing away debris or unused items will help elevate your space for F-R-E-E.


4. Cohesiveness in Your Design Aesthetics

Ok here is another one of the wife's favorite budget-friendly ideas: design cohesiveness. Instead of creating a haphazard deck reno, or replacing all the furniture that you swear you just bought a couple years ago (isn't it still new?!) .... try to find a way to unify what you do have through design.

Creating a sense of cohesion in your deck design could look like: picking a color scheme or using a recurring theme in furniture and decor. Take a look around, is there a piece of art, or maybe a plant with a matching vase, that could tie it all together?

Here's an example we love to share. One customer contacted us to install a custom railing pattern. She just wanted a new custom railing pattern, called a Chippendale. And if you have seen this pattern, you know it is not your average railing. This design mimicked her large "mandala-like" outdoor rug that apparently cost a pretty penny. And you know what? It sure did tie it all together. The customer was happy that it gave her deck a cohesive look and that she wouldn't have to buy a new rug, or railings, for a very long time.

Disclaimer! Always consult your wife or significant other before making any design cohesiveness decisions. 👇

5. Make Use of Trees & Greenery in Your Deck Renovation

Trees and plants can definitely make a huge difference in your deck renovation plans. Not only do trees add shade to your deck area, but they also bring personality and character to your yard.

We've noticed a Nashville trend of adding tropical plants to your backyard space. Think, Jimmy Buffet with an umbrella drink... Caladiums, Mandevillas, and Palms just to name a few. Check out this list by agriculturist, Bonnie L. Grant, of hardy tropical plants that can survive in our "6b" weather zone here.

  • If you have trellises or lattice, a hanging vine type plant might do the trick.

  • If you have an open sitting area, try potted plants to divide the space and add additional privacy.

Whether you are trying to bring some color to your deck area or maximize privacy with greenery acting as a wall or separation, plants are multi-functional elements that are sure to uplevel your deck and patio space.

6. Refinish the Paint!

There isn't much that a fresh coat of paint can't fix.

So, if Mother Nature's ebbs and flows, or general traffic and wear, has left scars on your deck.... consider if painting (or repainting) would be an option for your renovation. If your deck has wood-dominant structures, then you can either opt for polish or lacquer and matte paint for flooring, walls, and railings. Added bonus, the fresh paint can help take care of popping splinters as well.

To revive the forgotten glory of a metal railing, go with metallic paints like a bronze or black. If you have concrete flooring on your decks, deep cleaning and concrete staining could be your possible solutions. (We have a team dedicated to paint and stain. If you have any questions- just ask!)

7. Light it up! 🔥

Er, your deck we mean. 💡If you are planning a deck renovation in Nashville, Tennessee outdoor lighting is a very budget-friendly idea to spruce up your outdoor space.

Add a whimsical touch with string lights or amp up the ambiance with outdoor lamps. At our home, we opted for these bronze Edison lights for a more vintage look. And added these solar lights along the walkway.

Just make sure the lights do say "outdoor" use on them and measure the footing for proper length. Rule of thumb: measure and add 5 feet! Lighting up the deck will also make it safer to navigate your yard at night and generally just more fun to enjoy year round!


We hope you feel more empowered as the architect of your next deck renovation. While building an entire new deck may be necessary down the road, we hope these ideas help refresh your yard in a budget-friendly manner. Remember, a deck renovation does not have to be HUGE to make a HUGE impact.

Whether a complete revamp or minor repairs, when you work with Nashville Lawn and Order, it is your deck ideas with our expert execution. We would love to help! Shoot us an email or text to begin exploring what kind of deck renovation is right for you.

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