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*New* HOA Compliant Deck Plans for Nashville and Nolensville, TN

As you may very well know, Nashville Lawn and Order, LLC is a "Middle Tennessee" company meaning we work all over the cities of Nashville, Nolensville, Franklin, Brentwood, Bellevue, Antioch, Mt Juliet, and more.

In our two years of business we have been honored to gather the experience that most contractors may get in ten. Our specialty has quickly developed into deck building and repair. We also specialize in patio builds and other hard-scapes.

Deck plans drawn on graph paper with measurements.
We design and build all of our decks in house.

If you live in a neighborhood in one of these cities, you probably already know your home additions need to be HOA compliant. For those of you who don't know, there are restrictions under the Home Owner's Associations in many Middle Tennessee neighborhoods in order to keep residential areas clean and consistent.

According to Management Trust online, HOA's are proven to stabilize home values and prevent domino foreclosures. They (and we) believe having well-kept common areas as well as home appearance rules means that property values will be more consistent. (Read more here).

In 2021, Nashville Lawn and Order became the #1 Deck contractor and landscaper for the neighborhoods of Lenox Village, Bradford Hills, Barnes Crossing, and Barnes Cove (all located in Brentwood and Antioch). With such a feat, this also meant we had to (quickly!) become familiar with policies set forth by the homeowner's associations and see to it that our work was within all guidelines.

While you can design and build an entirely custom deck, we have to run each new plan through your designated HOA . So what we did, to save time and headache for our customers, is pre-design and pre-approve common deck builds for these Nashville neighborhoods. When opting for a deck rebuild you may choose one of these deck designs, or choose to discuss further customization. (To read more about deck rebuild vs deck repair, please see our blog here).

Here are the top 4 Homeowner's Associations Approved deck designs in Middle Tennessee:

1) Plan #1

This is an example of a 16x16 deck at 256 square feet. All wood flooring, wood railings, and wooden balusters have been approved by local HOA. It is important to note, the deck is less than 3 feet off the ground, and uses one stair case.

This example will cost about $4,500.00 to re-surface and $5,500.00 as a new build.

Completion time: 1 week

2) Plan #2

This deck is a 350 square feet multi level deck. All wood flooring, wood railings, and black metal balusters have been approved by the HOA. The deck is 6 feet and 4 feet off the ground and uses two stair cases.

This deck has slight customizations with the alternating board size and fence style skirting. These customizations had to be approved beforehand and really give this deck the finished look.

This example will cost about $5,750.00 + any additional custom features

Completion time: 2-3 weeks

3) Plan #3

Below is an example of a 290 square feet deck with composite deck flooring, wooden railings, and black metal balusters. All features were approved by the designated homeowner's association.

This deck is 3 feet off ground at the highest point and uses one long stair case. As an approved customization, we added a 9x12 (large) Pergola onto deck. Note, a "normal" size pergola is 8x8 and why we had to get this particular one approved separately.

This deck plan will cost about $7,500.00 to complete.

Completion time: 2-3 weeks

4) Plan #4

Next we have the condo plan. Condos in Nashville are very specific and usually only offer one type of deck available per neighborhood. This is an example from the Lenox Village approved condo plans and can not be customized.

This deck will cost an estimated $3500 to build.

Completion time: 1 week.

A lot of the condos we see are ready for rebuild as some of these homes have not been updated for 10-20 years. We will always approve all condo plans before performing any work. Homes and townhouses have a little more leeway with the extra space and can provide single story decks or split level options.

Pricing depends on sizing, customization, and additions (like the pergola in Plan 3). Our estimates are here to give you a general idea and better prepare you for your own deck build. Time estimates are based on good weather. :-) We have to say it!

Give us a call or text for a free consultation. Our team at Nashville Lawn and Order will walk you through your options and let you know when a feature needs to be first approved by your homeowner's association before proceeding with the build. Always be mindful that guidelines can change at any time, and it is best to check if you have any questions.

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