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The Heart of the Build: Truly Customizing Your Deck Design

When we sat down to discuss our company's mission and values back in Spring of 2019, James and I were adamant about two main points: serving the community and staying true to our creative nature.

We saw a lot of other deck building companies in Nashville producing the same or similar designs. House after house would have the same exact style, features, down to the stain color. We dubbed this the "cookie cutter" approach to deck building.

And something we vowed never to do!

Sure, many people will see decks they love and use our previous designs as inspiration.

But there will always be a unique feature fit best for your own personal yard or space. Even if that means simply changing the size or the color on a deck you do love.

For May, we wanted to highlight this sometimes challenging, yet rewarding, principle in a recent deck build done in Cane Ridge, TN. This was truly a custom deck build form start to finish.

Custom built grey wood deck and DIY pergola in Cane Ridge, TN
Custom built pergola in Cane Ridge, TN

Customization in the Consultation Process

Now during the consultation process, we always walk the yard with customers to sort of visualize their new hardscapes and get a feel for their needs and lifestyle.

This particular Nashville family needed to retain as much yard space as possible for their two fur babies. They also informed us that they wanted to add an additional smaller patio with a fire-pit as a future project.

Originally we discussed doing one large one-level deck, but I knew with their particular needs (of needing yard space for the doggos and future projects) there must be some creative out-of-the-box ideas to configure!

Foundation posts of a wood deck with a small wood patio. Pending a larger deck build in this green luscious grass yard.
Breaking ground - setting the deck foundations.

Customization in Design

During the consultation and design process we did our usual drawings and mock-ups.

On every deck or patio consultation, we do a hand-drawn landscape mockup, as well as a computer-drawn blueprint version which we call the "permit plan".

Having two types of designs ensures you see your new deck in light of your particular space and from all angles.

Hearing their needs, I mocked up a few additional ideas, including this built up pergola with the conservation of space in mind.

Over the next week, we talked over all options and spacial design variations with the customers.

We even went back to spray paint the outlines and made adjustments accordingly to give these customers the best idea of their options and what that meant for their space.

Grey wood steps and new wood deck, wood shutter blinds and pergola in Nashville, TN
Completed pergola with oversized steps

A Deck Fit For Lifestyle and Dreams

They ended up choosing the larger deck design with added pergola as you see in the AFTER photos. This was chosen to uphold the priority of space and to allow flexibility with future projects.

By putting the pergola on the deck, we saved a lot of the rear yard space. We also made sure to place the steps where the future patio would likley go.

The space is maximized, prepped for the future .... and still leaves room for the two dogs.

What does this mean for you?

This is why it is important for us to talk through your needs as a client. We understand you want an amazing patio or deck fit for your family. A grogeous space to spend all your summer times enjoying.

But we also know there are realistic confinements (such as space) and other quirks to consider. AS WELL AS, future plans we need to consider. Most other companies will give you their "cookie cutter" design and require a reconstruction phase when you are ready to add on. That's just not how we roll.

We *absolutely* design with your current needs and future goals in mind.

Truly custom means getting just want you want while meeting your present AND future home needs.

How To Book Your Deck or Patio Consultation in Nashville

Simply get in touch!

We are available by online request form, text, or call at 615.750.2865.

If we are out on the job, we will return your message the next business day.

No project is too big or small- and we promise to uphold our values to give you the best deck or patio within budget, space, and lifestyle needs.

-Tucker, Co-founder Nashville Lawn and Order

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