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Things To Consider When Building Your Custom Deck

Congratulations on deciding to build the new custom deck of your dreams!

It will be a great addition to your home. We are happy to help you on your journey and to give you some things to consider when building a custom deck in Nashville, Brentwood, Nolensville and surrounding.

We want you to start out on the right footing! Here are some key tips, tool, and suggestions to consider when building and caring for your new deck.

Custom built wood railings in unique pattern, custom railings porch and deck
And of course if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out.

1) Building Materials to Consider For a Custom Deck

Before tying-the-knot with a specific building material for the new deck, our greatest suggestion is to think deeply about the long-term compatibility with the material.

The material will set you up for the rest of the deck’s life. Make sure to understand the pro’s and con’s of different materials in order to maintain a healthy long relationship between you two.

1. Don’t Use Paint as a Sealant for Wood Decks

Paint might look really nice when first applied, but after a while, it will crack and look pretty ugly. Down the road, when you want to refinish or do a deck remodel you will need to sand or strip the paint. You can avoid this annoying extra step by putting down the paint!

Instead, look to synthetic sealants, and Semi-transparent finishes, that will help bring out the natural beauty of the wood used. Sealant will also help protect the deck from sun damage, mildew, mold, and changing colors over time.

2. Wood Vs. Vinyl Decks

There is a new trend of using vinyl materials verses the traditional wood for new decks and patios. This is completely a personal choice and we believe aesthetic and long-term goals should be your deciding factors.

Vinyl requires less maintenance needs, and is not prone to weather damage, but with a higher upfront material cost. While wood offers a more pleasing aesthetic, with customizable options, and gives you about a 15 year lifespan.

Here is a great website that lays out the benefits of each.

3. Stone and Rock Materials in Custom Decks

Stone and rock materials do not require much attention especially when it comes to a deck remodel, but they still give a more natural, outdoors look.

An additional bonus is that, since decks are normally made with wood, you will make your house standout in the neighborhood.

Though stones are used more in patios, it is possible to create an elevated deck with stone materials or highlight a certain area with stone accents (think stone walls). Contact us for more details!

2) Considerations for Cleaning a Custom Deck

With any relationship, your new deck will need to be loved deeply. For example, decks love to be cleaned thoroughly once a year.

This involves tools and materials that you might not think about when building a new custom deck.

High Powered Washers for Deck Cleaning

These high pressure washers can save a lot of time and labor costs. However, if overused, it can damage your deck. So be sure to use the proper pressure and not concentrate the water in one area for too long. Instead, “sweep” it over at an angle.

We recommend power washing your deck professionally once a year, say the start of summer, and then give it a thorough clean at the "end of the season". This will keep your deck in good shape year-round.

The Use of a Broom in Deck Cleaning

Between high-power washed, make sure you are sweeping your deck regularly throughout the year. This allows you to sweep away any water puddles, fallen leaves, branches, and other debris. You can even use it for light snow. No one likes a caked-on mess of debris, have the broom handy!

Don’t Use Chlorine Bleach, period

Chlorine bleach strips wood of its natural color and damages it on a microscopic level. Oxygen bleach is an alternative, but it can harm certain woods like redwood. A good rule of thumb is to check all materials used for bleach.

Decorating a Custom Deck

You might be thinking, decorating is the easy part! You wouldn’t want to gift your partner the wrong clothing size, the same way you do not want to decorate your new custom deck with over or undersized items.

Check out the neighbor's decor, consider making a Google search, or refer back to that Pinterest board you started in '09.

Consider your new deck dimensions and any accent spaces you'd like to define or colors used in the materials. Creating a new custom deck allows room for change, and your decor should be as dreamy as you want it to be!

Adding Rugs to Protect a Custom Deck

After building a new deck, you might want to add rugs to make it more comfortable or define a space better. This is also a good idea because outdoor furniture can cause scratches to your new deck.

Check the reviews, make sure the rugs are known to drain water and easy to clean. Some outdoor rugs have heavy backing that stop water from flowing, attracting mold sooner than later. Bamboo rugs will also produce more mildew and moisture.

One suggestion is to get rugs that are made from recycled plastics. They last longer and they don’t attract these water problems.

Plants Near and On a Custom Deck

Plants are something everyone should consider when building a new deck. Decks require love throughout the year and a deep cleaning at least once a year.

The products used to clean decks can damage plants. Make strategic decisions to where you put plants when building your deck so that cleaning it will be easier and less damaging to your plants.

But other than that, go plants crazy ! The greenery and love a plant provides will only enhance your space and give off true nature vibes to your backyard.

Adding a Grill or a Fire Pit

The first consideration for adding a grill or a fire pit when building a new deck is the size of the deck. If you envision summer nights of barbecue, drinks, and friends, a bigger deck might be the way to go. Or, leaving ample room to create a fire pit outside of your deck.

And, if you are to have items that involve heat and fire, make sure to go back and consider what materials you are using, what is surrounding the area, and how you will most practically use this space.

Fire-pits are one of our specialities; we would be happy to consult with you! Contact us here.

Custom built Fire put made with bricks, metal tin, and stone.

Building a Long-Term Relationship with Your Deck

In regards to an ever-lasting flame, there are a lot of things to consider when building a new deck (just like any long-term relationship #amiright).

It isn’t as simple as piecing boards together with a hammer and nail. And, would any of us want a quick throw-together relationship anyway?

If you need further assistance with building a custom deck or looking for more hands-on expertise in Nashville, Tennessee, definitely head over to our contact section!

We look forward to speaking with you soon about your new deck project!

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