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Our Process: What You Can Expect with Any Custom Hardscape Build

Hardscape builds may be nerve racking for some, larger projects often have more details to handle and require a larger investment. We get it. But building your dream deck or patio does NOT have to be stressful.

At Nashville Lawn and Order, we like to think we have the process down. We are here to collaborate, strategize, and implement with the utmost care and professionalism to bring your deck and patio visions to life!

Don't take our word for it! Check out what some of our recent customers had to say:

"They walk into any situation and use their empathy and understanding to hear what you need accomplished and then they formulate a plan and get to work while keeping you in the loop from the start of the process until the job is done" (Build: Retaining Walls)


"We were able to collaborate with Nashville Lawn and Order on design ideas prior to Tucker and his team beginning the project. Additionally, Nashville Lawn and Order took our ideas along the way and incorporated them into what is a fantastic finished product" (Built: Patio and Deck)


Ok, ok... one more.

"I appreciate their intentionality to keep me informed and included during the entire process from start to finish. I can't begin to say how much I felt at ease and such peace working with them. I'm grateful! Every moment was enjoyable and nothing was uncomfortable. They exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond." (Build: Awesome Custom Slide Deck)

All this to say- we understand the importance of such a large investment on your part. And the eagerness to have the space you envision.

We actually enjoy collaborating with our customers to come up with a space that is totally your own. So whether you want a completely custom design, or replica of that one deck you found of Pinterest (hey we don't judge!) - we got you.


Here is what you can expect when working with us on any hardscape (or building) project from start to finish.

The Process

1. Consult - Initial consultation to discuss your needs and budget. This is where we physically will meet (no contact and virtual consultations are also available) and view the space.

2. Design - Besides our initial consultation, we also sit down with you for a more in depth design consultation. While most companies use templates and pre-measured supplies, we work with you to create a totally customizable space, considering your needs, lifestyle, and budget. This is all done in-house and can be as "template" or "unique" as you want it to be!

We are a solution-based company. This means, if there is a feature that just will not work based on your space or budget needs- we communicate this with you and find a solution that works best for everyone.

We then have the design drawn up in-house, price out the materials, and estimate given to you for your approval before any work has begun. A timeline and schedule is also discussed at this time and any deposits are made here.

3. Walk-Through- We then walk-through the space to lay out what your new deck or patio will consist of. We want to make sure it fits your lifestyle and this decision isn't just a "sure, go ahead" - but a "HELL YES".

4. Demo - Tear down the old, baby. Anything that is not going into your new custom build gets torn down. Haul away or recycling is included with all our deck builds. So there is no need to worry about any mess or wasted resources.

5. Material Delivery- Due to the nature of material availability, we like to note that we may deliver your materials earlier than the actual "build day". Lumber prices have skyrocketed recently (thanks Covid); so if there is a good deal and we can save you money on the materials- we jump on it! We buy the materials and deliver them right to your house so they are prepped and ready for the day.

6. Rebuild- This is where the work is implemented. We want to stay out of your way as much as possible. Our team will work around your schedule and needs to see to it that safety and convenience are of top priority. Construction clean-up and removal of any unused materials is included.

7. Aftercare- Any staining, sealing, or protective measures are done 1-4 weeks after the build. This timing depends on materials used and weather, but we make sure you are covered and your project is completed to satisfaction. This also gives you time to check it out and relay any findings. (One time we truly missed nailing down a board - so we are grateful for the collaboration!)

8. Follow-up - We then send you a really annoying email to ask how your experience was and show you all the ways you can review us online - gotta support #local business! We are working on the pleasant secretary TBD - but for now, links and emojis are our thing!


Thank you for being a valued customer and awesome neighbor! If you have any questions at all, please drop them in the comment box or send us a message here directly.

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