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Make it POP! Backyard Deck Additions For The Modern Nashville Home

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Nashville Lawn and Order

Written by: Karl Kennedy

The Nashville real estate market has been especially booming in the last two years. At Nashville Lawn and Order, we have had the honor to be a part of this transformation by helping buyers and sellers completely revamp their landscapes and exterior hard-scapes to increase both the quality of living and value in their home.

Whether you are needing inspiration for your next home makeover, or curious to see what others have completed on their recent "punch list", check out the following ideas. There are dozens of ways to make your backyard, deck, and patio stand out - and of course, contact us to set up a free consult to go over these ideas and more!

1. Outdoor Bar

Business in the front, party in the back. Keeping your liquor, beer, and wine in the backyard instead of in the house is one major plus to this addition on your Nashville home. Adding an outside bar easily turns your backyard space into a lively entertainment area, but also a secondary food, event, or venue type vibe for our creative types.

Be sure to choose something sturdy (or have the pros build you one) to hold the liquor and glasses, but who's to say you can't add extra class? Customization with these suckers are limitless. We can add Pergolas, Cut-outs, custom sizes and shapes, or even build your bar of stone. Pro tip - We find having a wheeled cart nearby is helpful to prep for inclement weather.

2. Outdoor Theater

I know, I know. This sounds very intricate. But an outdoor theatre set up does not have to be as complex as you may be thinking. . Realistically all you need is a good projector, a big plain white screen, and some great audio for this scene to play out. The customization comes in with your seating and deck arrangement.

A smaller deck pad, or even one layer of a multi layer deck, is the perfect set-up to offer this sort of custom feature in your Nashville home. We can put these anywhere in the yard or add as an attachment to your existing deck or patio. We can also place the wood boards in a unique pattern to give your yard more style and differentiate the area. Check out this image for a boho inspired entertainment space.

3. Make it Green!

Now, when we think about greenery, most of us think of a plethora of plants or a dedicated greenhouse out back. Now, while these are definitely the idea to get your Nashville #plantvibes , why not take it a step further with custom landscaping and plant boxes for your green family?

We began our business creating custom plant boxes, mulch beds, and retaining walls and can tell you first hand these items enhance back yard spaces and are almost always on the sellers "punch list". They give a clean, crisp look to the yard as well as help keep the greenery itself maintained and in order for longer.

4. Add a little FUN

A deck can be as large or as small as you want it to be - but there is no limit to the amount of FUN you can add to your backyard space. This is where we plug the KID-LIKE additions we have added to decks and patios this year. Take a look for yourself and just imagine all the joy these elevated spaces can bring to your yard!

If you are ready to add one or more of these features to your backyard space -> message us or shoot us a text. Currently we are taking projects for the end of the month and into next year. We would be honored to partner with you on your next home renovation. 👇

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