Low-maintenance Deck Ideas To Keep The “Wow” Factor

What if we told you there was such a thing as a LOW-maintenance, cost-effective, AND jaw-dropping deck?

A deck that will not only leave you saying “WOW,” but also turn the heads of your neighbors and anyone else who may visit your home in Nashville, Tennessee.

All with little to no continuous maintenance, and guaranteed years of life for your enjoyment.

What is that? You want the deets?

Sure thing! Read on to hear low maintenance deck ideas straight from the Deck Pro's mouth.


Deck Materials for Your Custom Low-Maintenance Deck

One of the first questions we receive during build-out projects (besides "how much is it going to cost" of course) is: How can I get my dream deck without all the upkeep or maintenance?

For this reason, we have compiled an easy list of materials ranging from averagely low-maintenance to very low-maintenance items to consider for your next deck build or remodel.

And as always, feel free to contact us here with any questions you may have.

1. Premium Wood

Certain woods, weather better than others. That's a fact.

Using a premium wood, such as Ipe, Teak, or Cedar will ensure the longest possible life for your deck.

Ipe is found in Central and or South America while Teak is found in Asia. If you are for the exotic vibes in Nashville, Tennessee, these woods are for you.

And if you are interested in the more popular tree of the region, that is just as durable, then Cedar is the way to go!

Unlike generic lumber you can find anywhere, Ipe, Teak, and Cedar woods are more hardy and dense. This is what makes them a more durable choice for your build.

These woods also have special oils and/or made up of organic material that make them resistant to external forces such as insects or inclement weather.

2. Composite Decking

When building your custom deck, you can choose wood or composite as your main building material. You may be thinking, what the “deck” is composite, anyway?

Composite decking is a material made up of wood fibers mixed with plastic and other materials.

This gives the appearance of wood, with a slight lumber feel, all while keeping the low-maintenance qualities of plastic. These qualities include:

  • Composite does not attract pests (win!)

  • Cleaning is much simpler. It is less porous than traditional wood and only requires water, soap, and a bristle brush to "wipe" the surface clean.

  • Although composite still burns, it requires a much higher temperature than regular lumber - meaning that it is more fire resistant.

  • And finally, you do not have to paint or seal composite like you would regular wood decks.

We usually do a blend of composite and wood on neighborhood deck remodels and can tell you there are some mighty attractive qualities to this material! We'd be happy to discuss your best options.

3. PVC Decking

If you want something that is even less fire prone, try PVC custom deck material.

PVC stands for: polyvinylchloride (Yeah, it’s a mouth-full).


Basically, it means that there is no organic material in it at all, unlike the composite.

The low-maintenance care for PVC custom deck or deck remodel is the same as the composite decking, but there is one more awesome point worth mentioning... it resists dents.