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How to Best Utilize That Awkward Under Deck Space

So this specific deck was our highlighted deck of the month from August where we broke down the build, but did you see the AMAZING under deck space they added as well?

Let us show it to you :-)

We are back to highlight this customer's amazing use of "awkward deck space" as well as give you a few other ideas that will rock your socks off. Feeling confident and empowered in your new deck is our main priority. Let's do it 💪

Ways To Utilize The Under Deck Space

1) Hot Tub Central

When you have a two story or higher deck, this is the perfect opportunity to treat the under deck space as its own "room" with whatever features your heart desires. This customer decided to use this space for a HOT TUB and we couldn't agree more.

For this customer's deck, we added additional deck board underneath for double protection and security. This takes the wear off the joists and allows for added privacy for those cool Nashville nights spend in the hot tub.

2.) Clear for Storage

Another unique way to utilize this underneath space on your new deck is to define the space into multiple areas. You can do this by adding features like gravel, stone, or retaining walls to separate off sections. This will make a clear and separate space for storage and a clear space for use.

In this picture below, the customer wanted a space underneath the deck for storage, but also a way to clearly stop the kids from mixing their toys with the lawn equipment. We added a "parking area" for the toys as well as gravel to define both areas. Sometimes the under deck space is small and it is safe to add an addition off to the side as so. We are confident in saying this deck was "mission accomplished"!

3) Cool Kids Club

Especially with the "tall and skinny" trend happening in Nashville lately, we are big fans of these off-ground decks with the option to utilize this underneath space. With a deck that is raised off the ground, adding a “ceiling” to your under deck area creates a whole new deck space; why not turn this into a cool covered patio for the kids?

From lounge furniture to rock walls, art corners, and play mats, the possibilities of your new kid's area are endless. This gives your family more space and a safe space to relax during those hot summer moths.

We love the idea of having extra room for self-directed play, yet being close enough for adult supervision. Not to mention the extra corners for your next round of hide and seek!

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