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Do the dang thing! How to prioritize your outdoor living projects.

How to Prioritize Outdoor Living Projects

Spring has sprung and we know what that means.

Time for home, yard, and outdoor living improvement!

Before you jump right in, it is important to figure out your priorities. This can be a bit tricky because certain outdoor living projects might seem more fun than others, but trust us when we say, there is an order to the madness that you must know!

Make an Outdoor Living Project List

The best thing is to write down all the projects you would like to do. Simply jot them down on a piece of paper and once you have a general list, number the projects you need to do first and which should be put off until the very end.

Don't cause yourself problems by doing them in the wrong order, which we will get to later in this article. A all encompassing list of items and priorities is the first step!

Develop Short and Long Term Outdoor Living Project Goals

Upon looking at your list and the numbered order you should do them in, think about the short and long term goals you have.

For example, are you looking to have a deck that can be quickly built for summer gatherings? Or, are you looking for a deck that might take longer to build, but it requires less maintenance in the future and is more eco-friendly?

It can help to write down these short and or long term goals next to each outdoor living project on your list so you can see all the information in one place. This will also be great information for the next step.

Call a Landscaper or Project Manager

Now, look at the projects you think you will need a landscaper or project manager and start there.

Then, when you do call a landscaper or project manager, like Nashville Lawn and Order, be sure to mention your short and long term goals. This is so we can assimilate our knowledge and experience into your projects and give you the best possible timeline and plan of action. Informing your landscaper or project manager will ensure we know how to best help you.

How to Prioritize Your Outdoor Living Projects

One of the big questions is “Why does it matter what order I do my outdoor living projects?”

Well... we're glad you asked.

If you want to install a patio and replace a fence, why is it important to install the patio first then the fence?

The main answer: “So construction traffic doesn’t ruin what you paid good money for.”

Think of it like this, you built your beautiful fence with a gate that is perfect for regular people to walk through. But now, you are building your patio, which needs larger materials and equipment to be able to get through the fenced area. How will those additional items and workers get through? If not done in the proper order (patio first), you might have to remove sections of your newly built fence.

So what is the solution? In what order should we be prioritizing out outdoor living projects?

Answer: Work In to Out

The basic rule of thumb is to work from the house (and backyard) out to the front and perimeter of the property. In other words, work from the inside to the outside.

So, what is the perfect order if you were doing it from scratch?

  1. Deck or Patio

  2. Install Mulch Bed, Borders, Retaining Walls, and all other Landscape Installs

  3. Grass Seed or Sods

  4. Fence or other perimeter installments

Contact Nashville Lawn and Order Today

Still not sure about prioritizing outdoor living projects or what projects you would like to start? Feel free to give us a call or text for a free consultation at 615-750-2865. Our team at Nashville Lawn and Order is ready to help you get started by walking you through the options.

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